Technology Advancement in Malaysia and Indonesia

Technological progress is something that cannot be avoided in this life, because technological progress will run in accordance with scientific advances. Mankind will profit from it. Every innovation can have a positive impact on human life. Technology also makes our life many conveniences, as well as a new way of doing human activities. 

Humans have also enjoyed the many benefits brought by technological innovations that have been produced in the last decade. In the current era of globalization, technological progress can no longer be stopped, because technological progress is an indicator of the progress of a country. Countries are said to be developed if they have a high level of mastery of technology, while countries that cannot adapt to technological advances are called failed countries. Sheet metal fabrication malaysia is one of the technological advancement. 

Eternal Lamp or Lampu Abadi (The Project Name in Indonesia) 

Let’s look into Indonesia technology news. Recently, Brawijaya University students succeeded in creating a lamp with ‘eternal’ power thus explaining the name of the project. Bioengineering, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences there collaborated together and by doing that together, they managed to utilize special bacteria that can emit light. The more bacteria levels, the brighter the fluorescent light. The advantages of this bacteria-powered lamp are numerous. The most important thing is saving electrical energy. Then, whether the bacteria will not die? Yes, some bacteria will definitely die. However, they will give birth to a new mother, so it can be said that the light will not go out. They breed, Yes, bacteria breed so they are in need of that. Pretty interesting right? Imagine the cost saved for this. 

The Need For Internet Speed

Even though Malaysia is still a developed country, we are making progress in technological advancements. Taking into consideration all of the needs for the internet, it was made clearer than ever before that everyone needed faster connectivity—and the Covid-19 pandemic intensified this demand. Previously, Malaysia had publicized a five-year plan, which is a long-term commitment on how to develop its network infrastructure in preparation for 5G, but that was scrapped and impacted when Covid-19 happened. MCMC, an organization that is responsible for the Internet in Malaysia, had to accelerate its plans and a new national digital infrastructure project, known as Jendela, will spearhead Malaysia’s transition to 5G, a game-changer for many industries.

Smartphones and Phone Advancement Technology 

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers aiming to expand its worldwide market share, particularly after Huawei’s mobile phone company suffered a setback following the US government’s penalty. Xiaomi isn’t the only company with lofty goals. Other Chinese makers, like Oppo and Vivo, are also interested in a piece of the “cake.” 

In Conclusion

Along with the development of an increasingly sophisticated era, and technology will continue to develop with the times and we certainly should not stutter in using technology itself, we must follow the flow of the times that we are currently experiencing with a note that we must be able to use technology as well as possible. so that technology becomes a positive and useful thing for all of us. Remember, technological advancement can happen with the collaborative spirits of the government and the citizens; otherwise it is not going to happen easily. 

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