Benefits Of Going To Therapy

Many people see therapy as something that people with severe mental illness needs. They usually have a mindset that therapy is when someone is trying to brainwash or fix you. But, therapy is totally different from that and everyone can do therapy. In fact, everybody should go to therapy including students that are studying at “kolej kejururawatan”. There are many types of therapy and one of them is known as talk therapy and talk therapy is usually being conduct by a psychologist or therapist. There are many benefits that we can gain from going to therapy, and this article will discuss more the benefits of going to therapy. 

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Healthy Coping Mechanism 

We all have our own coping mechanisms but sometimes those coping mechanisms can be bad like smoking or hurting ourselves. By going to therapy, we can have someone professional to listen to all of our concerns and worries without being judged.  As a human we are constantly stressed with everything whether it is by our jobs, studies or our family and that is completely fine. Attending a therapy session will help us to release that stress or burden in a healthy way. 

Someone To Listen 

During this pandemic, loneliness is what we constantly feel. We no longer can gather around our physically touch our friends and sometimes it can be hard. Having someone to listen to our concerns, worries, or problems can be really helpful during this tough time. 


With the existence of technology and how people have set the beauty standard around us. It can lead us to have low self-esteem and not believing in ourselves. By going to therapy, these professionals can help us to overcome these issues by giving us advice, tips, or activities that will improve our self-esteem. We will learn to accept and be kind to ourselves and we will also start to learn that nobody is perfect and our flaws are what makes us unique and different from other people. 

Past Trauma

Whether it is from our past relationship, friendship, or childhood. We all have some bad memories that have caused us to not be able to live our lives to their fullest. Sometimes this past trauma is not even something big but it has been a traumatizing event in our lives. Going to therapy can help us to overcome any past trauma and live our lives better.

Improve Relationship

This is one of the benefits that we will definitely gain by going to therapy. We will have a better relationship not just with ourselves but also with people around us. Like our friends and family, it will also encourage us to go out there and try to build a new relationship with new people. We are no longer stuck with that trauma.

These are just some of the benefits that we will gain by going to therapy. In this modern world, people should not feel embarrassed to say that they are going to therapy and we no longer need to be skeptical with someone that is going to therapy. Therapy is for everyone and you do not have to have a severe mental illness to go to therapy. Taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally and most importantly mentally is our own responsibility. So, start by searching for any therapist that is suitable for you and you will feel better with yourself. 

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