Organic Baby Products That You Should Know

Raising and providing for a child is one of the most rewarding moments a parent can have, and we know you want to provide the greatest care for your child. Synthetic scents and chemicals, which are plentiful in many skin and hair care products, can cause unpleasant effects in both newborns and parents, such as skin irritation, rashes, and even respiratory difficulties. Fortunately, using natural and non-toxic baby care products is a simple method to safeguard your kid, and we’ve located businesses that are dedicated to keeping your baby’s skin nourished, moisturized, and irritation-free during their early months. Swaddle your babies in one of these organic baby products in Malaysia after bath time to protect their delicate skin.

Organic nourishing oil from Beb

This oil is well worth the investment! It’s made especially for a newborn’s fragile skin and may be used on the face, torso, and scalp. Rosehip, sunflower, and cranberry oil are combined in Beb organic’s concentration. The oil is NICU-safe, and every component has received the highest rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). P.S. It’s not only for newborns; parents may benefit from it as well.

SPF 40 mineral sunscreen stick for babies’ faces by Earth Mama

This face-stick sunscreen is simple to use and applies evenly. It’s even better because it’s blended with organic aloe and calendula, which will keep your baby’s skin hydrated. This sunscreen has also been carefully evaluated for irritability and is devoid of hazardous ingredients and synthetic scent. The goal to educate people about hazardous ingredients—specifically, that what’s in the sunscreen is equally essential as what isn’t—led to the creation of Earth Mama.

organic baby products malaysia

Organic baby shampoo and body wash from My Little North Star

This lavender and citrus-scented bath duet is hypoallergenic. The shampoo and body wash are also marketed as being suitable for newborns with sensitive skin or eczema. These bottles are made with organic components and do not include any numbing agents or nasty chemicals. My Little North Star’s purpose is to employ sustainable organic and chemical-free products.

Babyganics Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This non-allergenic formulation is especially gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and is reasonably priced. Shea butter and aloe are among the ingredients, which are free of dangerous preservatives such as parabens and other chemicals that can cause skin irritation. The NeoNourish Seed Oil, which comprises a unique combination of tomato, sunflower, black cumin, cranberry, and raspberry seed oils, is the star of this lotion. All of Babyganics’ bath care necessities contain this combination as well.

Organic all-purpose balm from The Honest Company

This plant-based product is made with a foundation of sunflower and olive oil, as well as additional relaxing and soothing components including tamanu oil, calendula, and shea butter. You may use the balm to smooth down rough elbows, cuticles, and even control frizz and flyaways, in addition to nourishing your baby’s delicate skin.

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