Completing All the Requirement of A Complete Construction: What You Would Need

Improving thermal insulation, lowering the carbon footprint, and improving the energy performance of a structure are all examples of energy efficiency measures. All of these goals are intertwined and are dependent on the materials used during the design process. 

So, is it a conundrum or a windfall?

As we approach the deadline for implementing RE 2020, it is critical to consider the materials that will be utilized in building or remodeling projects. The task is multifaceted: to design cities, buildings, and infrastructures that are more comfortable to live in, more energy-efficient, more intelligent, and more sustainable while also being more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Choosing the construction materials malaysia  is most essential.

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What is the definition of a sustainable material?

A kind of substance that:

has a low environmental footprint allows for the rational management of the resource from which it is derived or from which it is required promotes local development ensures a healthy habitat for its occupants is made of renewable materials does not release any toxic products during its life cycle has a long life cycle and is environmentally friendly (such as formaldehyde, VOCs, etc. dangerous for health).

It is possible to recycle it at the end of its useful life

In the building business, there are many applications. So-called “ecological” sustainable materials are significant because they may be used everywhere in construction in “hard” materials (floors, walls, insulation systems, and so on), but also in decorative materials (paints, floor coverings, and so on). For this reason, in the interest of consumers and the environment, the following are five examples of suitable materials:

  • Hemp concrete is used in the construction industry.
  • This natural combination (hemp, water, and lime) is used in eco-construction since it is lightweight and insulating.

Advantages include:

  • Applied to various kinds of structures, including ERP and historical monuments
  • Thermal resistance is excellent
  • Permeability of vapor
  • Excellent sound absorption

Comfort in the summer

A high thermal performance and long lasting Terracotta material is provided by the monomur brick Terracotta. It keeps the air fresh in the summer and helps you save money on your heating bills in the winter.

Advantages include:

Mold cannot grow because the humidity is controlled, and as a result, there is no condensation within the walls.

The thermal inertia of the product, which prevents temperature fluctuations in the house, contributes to an increased sense of comfort. The product also has excellent fire, rodent, and water resistance.

Aerated concrete is a kind of concrete that has been aerated.

They are lightweight, simple to install, and most importantly, very insulating due to the fact that they are composed of 80 percent air.

Advantages include:

  • Traditional wind blocks are five times less insulating than modern ones
  • Various formats are available (block and specialized shapes)
  • Installation is simple


The use of natural and renewable materials allows for a better balance between CO2 emissions management and the quality of construction in both new construction and rehabilitation projects.

Advantages include:

  • Sector characterized by aridity (little water consumption)
  • Impacts that are within control (gray energy, waste, etc.)
  • Lightweight and long-lasting performance
  • Thermodynamic properties
  • Implementation in a short period of time
  • The deco side
  • A paint that helps to minimize the environmental impact of a building’s construction.

The Circouleurs paints, which are made from recycled materials, perform the same functions as conventional paints. They do, however, use fewer resources and prevent generating unneeded waste. This is a product that Bouygues Construction uses to the greatest extent possible.

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