Why Is Science Important in School: Understanding The Reason

study foundation in science in Ireland

Science is one of the core subjects that is mandatory for all students to take in school. Do you know the reason why? This is what we are going to find out in this post. Many students have different passions and this is the reason why secondary schools in Malaysia have class stream options for them. There are a science stream, accounting stream, technical stream and many more. For the first one, if you have enrolled in a related course, you probably would be interested to study foundation in science in Ireland

Science As a Core Subject

study foundation in science in Ireland

This subject alongside other core subjects such as English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, History, and Pendidikan Islam/Moral is mandatory for all school students. There are reasons why these subjects are obligated since there are always reasons for something. So, what is the reason for making science a core subject in school? These are the reasons why:

  • Understanding How Science Works

Students need to understand that everything around them is science. This is not exaggerated. Take a look at your surrounding, is there anything that is not related to science? The electricity that runs in your house, the air you are breathing and the climate changes are all God’s creations and also related to science. It is such an important thing to understand and this should be taught from an early age. This is to ensure that they would appreciate nature and the power behind it.

  • Becomes an Option for Tertiary Education 

When they are finished with school, they would enter a phase where they need to make their own decision. Entering college or university is a journey that most students would experience. This is where decision-making plays a significant role. Before they can pursue their study, they need to think thoroughly about the course they would study. Science can be the basis for courses in the medical field. Many medical courses require a basic understanding of science.

  • Teaches Students About Life

It is not enough for them to just understand science without knowing the purpose of doing it. Our daily life is closely related to science in so many ways. Students need to truly understand that science is not merely about the creatures, power around them and so on. When they truly understand that science and life are related, as mentioned before, they would become more appreciative of what they have in their life. 

Careers Options

study foundation in science in Ireland

There are plenty of careers that would require a science diploma and degree. They are more useful than you thought and there are numerous careers that are related to science. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and veterinarians are among them. If you have a passion for the medical field, it is best to strengthen it by studying science in most of your tertiary education. You can start with science stream class in secondary school and when you received your examination result, you should start making up your mind. You can opt for matriculation, a diploma in science or a foundation in science to start off.

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