What are Platform Supply Vessels?

psv vessel Malaysia

A ship specifically created to support and supply offshore oil and gas rigs is known as a platform supply vessel, or PSV. PSV vessel Malaysia accomplishes this by delivering supplies, personnel, and equipment necessary for daily activities on the open seas.

Platform supply vessels are frequently interchangeable with offshore supply vessels, or OSVs, which also guarantee the fulfilment of maintenance and construction demands, making these kinds of vessels essential to the frequently challenging operational processes on offshore oil rigs and other offshore infrastructures.


psv vessel Malaysia

In a strict sense, a platform supply vessel is made for and charged with transporting supplies like chemical compounds for sub-water drilling activities, heavy structural equipment, and necessary materials like cement and concrete. PSVs also move supplies and employees to and from between nearby harbour facilities and offshore structures. The majority of the cargo on board includes consumable and non-consumable water, chemicals required in offshore drilling procedures, and cargo tanks for pulverised cement and diesel fuel. Many PSVs are built, or even completely rebuilt, to carry out particular functions.

These boats have fire monitors on board, and they are equipped to put out fires. A platform supply vessel may also be outfitted with equipment for oil recovery and containment, which can aid in cleanup efforts after an offshore incident. Certain PSVs are also made to help boost an oil well’s output by doing so with the aid of specialised equipment, chemicals, and skilled labour. Platform supply boats are incredibly adaptable and can be specially built to satisfy particular specifications based on the needs of the operators.

Additionally, platform supply ships are outfitted with amenities that make it convenient and comfortable for people to travel back and forth from offshore structures. PSVs are outfitted with cooking facilities and other essential amenities to support this staff.

Everyday tasks

psv vessel Malaysia

PSV crew members agree to spend a significant amount of time working and living on board the ship, followed by a comparable amount of time off. Crew members are assigned to twelve-hour shifts and their stay onboard a platform supply vessel can range from one to three months with a month off. 

Along with machinery rooms, galleys, mess rooms, living areas, and some include communal areas created for crew leisure purposes, these ships are outfitted with a bridge that is used to control and manoeuvre the ship. Cabins, offices, storage areas, and lockers are included in the living accommodations aboard platform supply vessels in addition to showers, toilets, and sinks. Due to the rapid rise in offshore activities that need support, the need for PSVs has risen recently. Platform supply vessel building has advanced and been innovative as a result of the rise in demand.

To many, if not most people, the subject of PSV vessels may appear dull and uninteresting. However, they are extremely beneficial to the nation’s economy. For some whose entire lives are spent at sea, learning about them, their functions, technical details, and other fascinating knowledge can demonstrate just how fantastic of a creation they are.

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