Welcoming The Best New Mother Nursing Products

The presence of New Mother Nursing Products in the mothercare world is critical. They cannot be arbitrary to their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum. The major key to the health of the mother and infant is product selection. If the items chosen are insignificant, their health may suffer.

New Mother Nursing Products

What Exactly is The New Mother Nursing Products?

New Mother Nursing Products are the products of choice displayed to mothers during this critical period. When moms are pregnant or giving birth, they are in a critical moment. In particular, the product is prioritised for use when the woman is breastfeeding.

New Mother Nursing Products

What are New Mother Nursing Products?

Having a baby is one of the most incredible, miraculous, and life-changing experiences. However, don’t forget to undertake postnatal care after the baby is born, despite all of the pleasant emotions. The following items can be used as New Mother Nursing Products:

Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow is basically a pillow that is used to support the baby’s body. However, now breastfeeding pillows are specifically designed to make the mother’s back comfortable while breastfeeding.If you don’t have a special pillow for breastfeeding, you can save money and use some of the regular pillows that you have to support your little one as well as support your arm.

Nursing bra

While breastfeeding, especially in the first few weeks, your breasts may feel full and heavy. To make your breasts comfortable, you can buy a special nursing bra. This bra is designed to be able to support the breast as a whole so that it makes you feel comfortable. This kind of bra also generally has a front that can be opened when breastfeeding and closed again when finished. A nursing bra that is the right size will also prevent excessive tension in the shoulders and back. So, make sure you try the bra directly when you want to buy.

Breast pads

Breast pads are pads that are placed inside the bra to cover the nipples and absorb the leaking milk so as not to stain clothes. That way, breastfeeding mothers don’t have to bother changing or washing clothes if breast milk seeps. Mothers can choose disposable breast pads or breast pads made of cotton fabric that can be washed and used repeatedly. 

Nursing apron

Breastfeeding in public places is often uncomfortable, yes, Bun. Well, at times like this, a nursing apron can be a protector and cover for your breasts. Not only in the form of an apron, you can also choose other shapes, such as a scarf, shawl, or poncho.

Nipple cream

Nipple cream is a cream that can help mothers heal and relieve sore nipples when breastfeeding. Although this cream is generally safe for your little one, it is better for you to use this cream when you are not breastfeeding. Do not forget to clean it first before breastfeeding, so that the cream does not change the taste of breast milk.

Breast Pump

The next breastfeeding equipment that you need to have is a breast pump. This tool can be very useful for working mothers who cannot give breast milk directly. With a breast pump, you can express your breast milk for storage, then give it to your little one when needed. You can choose a pump that uses battery power, electricity, or manual.

Bottle or plastic for storing expressed breast milk

Expressed breast milk (ASIP) can be stored in bottles or special plastics that do not contain bisphenol A (BPA) and are leak-proof. After being labeled with the date, you can store it in the refrigerator and then warm it up before giving it to your little one.

Bottle or plastic breast milk storage bag

This is the bag you need to store your expressed breast milk bottle or plastic in case you pump your milk elsewhere. Bottle storage bags or plastic breast milk can also maintain the quality of breast milk, because usually these bags are designed with a heat-resistant lining equipped with a cold gel bag.

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