Top 5 Popular Home Décor Style in Petaling Jaya 2021

Everyone has their own preferred style when it comes to home décor. To be cohesive, one must decide on their themes early before buying a house or start decorating their house space. Apart from house themes, the location of your house is important too! Check out this house listing in Petaling Jaya! Let’s build the dream home together.



The idea of Scandinavian comes from three Northern European countries which are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. If you noticed, most Scandinavian house items and décor can be easily found in Ikea. This is due to the fact that Ikea comes from Sweden. If you love Ikea furniture and the style behinds it, you are probably into Scandinavian house style décor. 

White as Prominent Color

Then, scandinavian design focuses on clean, minimalism, compact and functionality with prioritizing the aesthetic. Part of Scandinavian charm is because of the lack of clutter. It attracts a clean look. To conclude:

  • Scandinavian offers clean look
  • Usually playing with neutral often times use white
  • Pops of color used to balance the earthiness and neutral tones
  • Minimalism
  • Organic materials
  • Seemed welcoming
  • Even the bathroom uses lots of white and neutral tones

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Home

According to Home Beautiful, “one of its hallmarks – and the reason for its enduring appeal – is its focus on functionality”. Mid-Century is a good transictional themes from modern to old-school and old-school to modern. If you like wood, neutral and brownish-tones, you may like mid-century or mid-century modern home style.

Mid-century characteristics:

  • Incorporates both organic and geometric forms into the design
  • Free usage of traditional material as well as non-traditional materials
  • Sometimes use contrasting materials
  • Neutral earthy tones to bold tones
  • Seemed vintage
  • Lots of wooden elements or color
  • Forms follow function 
  • Bold wood colors


Exposed Fixtures

Moving on to the next style, this style is particularly famous due to the rising of coffee shops that uses rustic, back-to-normal aesthetic in their café. It has an inviting feeling. It felt so cozy due to the yellowish lighting and the greyish tones.

Characteristic of Industrial: 

  • Edgy urban look
  • Steels; iron and steel
  • Grey and black that seemed to be blending well with lighting
  • Trees and flowers 
  • Yellow-toned lighting
  • May have beams, columns and fixtures 

Bohemian- Boho

Boho is an abbreviation of the word Bohemian. In addition, boho style is known around the 1960’s era. During this era, there was a group called Boho that really loved and lived for art. This group is more casual, carefree and expresses freedom. Bohemian style is usually loose, thin, lace, using leather material and so on. Therefore, more colors is better because this bohemian concept has no limit on the number or combination of colors that can be used for a space. Usage of bright colors is encouraged such as indigo blue on the walls combined with other elements such as furniture and accessories from various colors such as orange, white, red and purple. In addition to the implementation of various colors, the bohemian concept also incorporates motif elements on furniture and accessories. To maximize the boho-ness, choose patterned sofas or different motifs on carpets, curtains, cushion covers, blankets and so on. Remember, it does not have to match.

Décor enthusiasts love the idea of bohemian because it celebrates color, texture, lines and it includes fresh elements from nature. If you are someone that loves to travel and likes to collect things from your journey, you might want to consider bohemian as part of your home décor style. Any souvenirs and knick-knacks can be placed anywhere you want without having to overthink everything. 

Bohemian characteristics:

  • Usually walls are painted white because there will be lots of elements on the surrounding
  • Does not restricted to a color palette

Danish Pastel Aesthetic

Danish Style House in Petaling Jaya

Last but not least, the upcoming star, the Danish Pastel Aesthetic. It started to be famous on TikTok and Instagram. This particular style is more famous to teenagers and Indie kids. As the name suggests, the Danish Pastel uses lots of pastel color complements with neon color. The items and furniture also are not your typical style. Most of the items are retrieved by going on Etsy, Amazon or Shopee. 

  • Organic, curved lines, checkerboard and gingham patterns are the craze
  • Lots of pastels!
  • Mix with some neon knicks-knacks 

Altogether, that is the top five of famous and popular home décor themes. That is all for the famous and popular house theme style. Hope you all can gain some inspirations! See you again.

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