The Ways And Process Of How SEO Works?

Well, we all know what google is. And what google does as well, but do know the way you get to search for your specific information works? Do you know who is behind all of these things that make it work? Well let me walk you through the process of how SEO works. 

SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization” in Google. To put it in a simple word it is the search engine that I am referring to. That’s where SEO takes place in helping you find the information or even details that are needed by typing into the search engine. SEO is like a cathedral and known as republic of SEO, it has a lot of information worldwide that is able to be accessed by anyone at any time. But remember the SEO has no control over what might pop up on your search page. The SEO acts as a recommendation when you begin to key in certain words. For example, if you know the key in something like “ how long is it to reach Tokyo from…” by the time you are about to key in the word Malaysia, the SEO has predicted your next keyword. Therefore, you don’t have to key in the whole sentence to get your answer. 

Republic of seo

SEO works with keywords. It predicts upon the keywords that a user enters by providing dozens of examples of what might be your next word, hence, while that happens we as a user are already saving time that takes to type out a certain word or sentence. I know people always ask why there are so many search results that have been presented while I just wanted to search for one search result. Well, to make it short, SEO is known for its popularity in making sure that the information that has been sought by users is delivered accurately. It is pretty much like a competition as to how many people use the same keyword when they are searching for something.   For example, in the year of 2021 the most searched topic was about Covid-19 symptoms. Why? Because people wanted to know what this virus was and how deadly it was, what the symptoms were , whom to contact and many more. With that said, this also enabled many writers, such as content writers, freelance writers, bloggers and many more to write about covid-19 and post in their respective site.

Republic of seo

As a wise user, I think we all know the only way to access all of this information is by searching in the search engine of Google. Imagine how many people would have keyed in the word “covid-19” in their search engine. Also, imagine how much of blogs, posts and sites might have been delivered by this SEO to let people know about covid-19. This is why SEO is known by many people in this world. SEO has also been upgraded in order to satisfy the users like us as well. But the last thing, all of this beneficiary aspect doesn’t even cost us a single penny. I mean, how wonderful technology can be sometimes!

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