The Dilemma Of Working From Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home. Even though there are some benefits when it comes to working from home. You will experience a fair share of annoyance. In this article, we will be explaining to you what annoyance do people face when they are working from home.

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Internet lag

It is believed that this is one of the biggest issues when it comes to working from home. Facing internet instability is not surprising as there are many people in the house. All of your family members will be using the wifi. Thus, taking up all the bandwidth. We are also experiencing internet instability as this article is being written. That is why Unifi is here to save the day. With Unifi, you will get the fastest speed, quality network, seamless connectivity for your buck. Thus, you are getting a great value! Jom Apply Unifi internet now!

Noise pollution

The downside of working from home is that noise pollution is inevitable. Since people are advised to stay at home, your family will be at home most of the time when you are working. Unfortunately, you cannot get your peace and quiet if you work from home as either your parents do not understand anything about personal space, or your younger sibling will constantly scream when they are playing. Unless you have your very own dedicated workspace, this is what you have to deal with.

Too many distractions

Since working from home has a whole different feel than working at the office. You are bound to get distracted easily. The reason for this is because, since you are working in the comfort of your own home, the chances of slacking off is much higher than working at the office. There are some people who say that they fell asleep when working from home since their workstation is right next to their bed.


The difference between working from home and working at the office is that you will be on your own. If you are the type who prefers the actual working experience where you are working with your colleagues, going out to lunch together, working from home can be extremely lonely for you. However, if you are a lone-wolf who does not need the company of other people. Working from home is for you.

Working from home might be the way it is in the future as more companies are switching the workspace to remote working. If you find yourself to be demotivated. Here are the ways that you can do to stay motivated when working from home.

  1. Dress your part – There are reports saying that the reason why people feel demotivated working from home is due to the attire they wear. It is said that you will feel lazy or tired if you are in your pyjamas. To fix it, it is advised to wear the attire you would normally wear when you go to the office and work. 
  2. Take strategic naps – We are not telling you to go to sleep. But if you ever feel tired, it is okay to take around 10-15 nap so you can feel much more energetic and refreshed. Hence, boosting work productivity.
  3. Set a schedule – It is important to set up a schedule for you to work throughout the day. With that, you will be more motivated and disciplined when working from home.
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