The Different Between Nurse and Medical Assistant In The World

We all understand what it takes to be a nurse and have observed how nurses care for patients in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. When we hear the word nurse, we immediately think of Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa because their names have come to represent all the empathy and compassion that the nursing profession is known for. Due to the similarity in the functions and responsibilities of medical assistants and nurses, there is another medical assistant designation that many people find confusing. The purpose of this article is to allay any reader reservations they may have about their ability to practise the noble profession of medicine as a caregiver. For further information you can check in this link kursus pembantu perubatan terbaik di malaysia.

Medical Assistant

In hospitals and nursing homes, medical assistants are employed to carry out a variety of administrative and support duties for doctors and patients. These experts can take vital signs from patients, use medical tools and supplies, help with patient diagnosis by getting patients ready for lab testing, aid with keeping medical records, and give patients injections and drugs. This extensive work illustrates the significance of medical assistants in hospitals. Even more duties for a medical assistant in a healthcare setting include maintaining and organizing documentation and making doctor appointment schedules. 

Medical assistants can help nurses by taking vital signs such as temperature and blood pressure, but at hospitals and doctor’s offices, they are typically seen managing office operations. A degree is not necessary to work as a medical assistant, but passing the AAMA certification exam can help you land higher-paying jobs in hospitals.


Nurses are medical professionals who work in hospitals and other healthcare institutions to care for the ill and administer medicine to them. The primary goal of a nurse is to give the sick and injured the best care and support possible so that they can recover their health and enhance their quality of life. A registered nurse is a healthcare professional who administers care and attends to patients’ wounds. They also offer emotional support and advice on health-related matters to aid in people’s recovery from illness. The nurses educate patients on proper medication and dietary practices. In short, nurses are incredibly important to both patients and doctors. Under their direction, nurses provide medical care to patients by monitoring their vital signs and updating doctors on their health. By preparing patients for medical examinations, nurses significantly simplify the doctor’s task.

What distinguishes a medical assistant from a nurse?

  • Medical assistants are recognised to carry out administrative tasks in healthcare environments, in contrast to nurses who provide direct patient care.
  • Unlike nurses, medical assistants just need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, but nurses must complete training at specialized nursing colleges.
  • There are training programmes for LPNs and RNs, and individuals must pass a licensing exam to work as a professional nurse after completing one of these programmes. 
  • There are differences in the education and skills of nurses and medical assistants that govern their roles and responsibilities in hospitals and nursing homes.

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