Pigeon Baby Bottles and their Pros.

Pigeon baby bottles

Using Pigeon baby bottles in Malaysia for feeding, as an alternative to breastfeeding, has been gaining popularity as of late due to its versatility and the many advantages it offers. Many new mothers are starting to prefer using milk bottles in Malaysia for feeding their babies over breastfeeding them. This preference may stem from a variety of reasons such as the baby being unable to latch on, the baby and mother not being able to find that perfect rhythm, the mother not producing any milk, or because the mother wishes to add more nutrients to the baby’s diet

One of the biggest and most controversial decisions that expectant parents have to make is whether they wish to have their baby bottle-fed or breast-fed. 

Being surrounded by multiple voices, in person and online, the influx of choices and explanations can get a little overwhelming and leave the expectant couple more than a little confused. While the pros of breast-feeding are universally known, the pros of bottle feeding are not. In fact, in many cases, the act of bottle feeding and those who support bottle feeding have been demonized. It is essential for novice parents to understand the pros of bottle feeding their baby. 

  1. Anyone Can Feed the Baby. 

One of the advantages of using Pigeon’s baby bottles for feeding is that the infant can be fed by either parent. Breastfeeding does not allow the father to bond with the baby, thus feeding is a crucial bonding moment. Siblings, fathers, and other family members can spend time with the newborn baby during bottle feeding.

  1. Can be Done Anywhere, Public/Private. 

Some mothers are hesitant to nurse their children in public. Pigeon baby bottles make feeding easier for the mothers and they do not have to travel to a private spot to nurse.

  1. Keeping Track of the Baby’s Intake is Easy. 

When a mother breastfeeds, it’s difficult for them to gauge how much their baby is drinking. Pigeon baby bottle allows the mother to determine how much milk her baby consumes on a regular basis.

Pigeon baby bottles
  1. Supply Never Gets Low. 

Many mothers are concerned that if their breast milk production is low, their infant will be hungry. Many parents resort to milk bottle feeding in this situation. This ensures that your baby receives all of the milk he requires to thrive and flourish. However, because the baby does not suckle on the breasts, milk flow is reduced.

  1. Mothers Do Not Need to Worry about their Diets.

A mother who feeds her infant formula milk does not need to worry about including specific fruits and vegetables in her diet. She is free to eat and drink anything she wants.

  1. Bottle Feeding Alleviates Lactose Intolerance. 

Infants can’t always process breast milk or animal milk. This condition is known as lactose intolerance. In such cases, giving babies milk using soy protein formula or other alternatives through a bottle is the way to go.

  1. The Mother’s Health does not Affect the Baby.

If the mother becomes ill after childbirth or has health problems that prevent her from breastfeeding, the infant can be fed from a bottle. 
Pigeon baby bottles are ideal for feeding in Malaysia since they have a number of other advantages besides the ones mentioned. If, as an expectant parent, one decides to baby feed their little one, they may want to look at multiple baby bottle companies before deciding on one. Pigeon baby bottles are the best in the market.

Pigeon baby bottles

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