Find Out The Common Materials In Buildings Construction

If you are someone that is not from the constructions or contractors field, you probably only know several basic materials that are frequently used in constructions, which consists of; concrete, steel, wood, stone and brick. That is actually would be pretty good for the knowledge level of someone that is not in the field. But have you ever heard about mortar usage in building constructions? If you haven’t heard about it, now you have to know it is closely related to the usage of cement. We actually have a place for you to actually find your drymix mortar additives Malaysia.

Most people will think that cement and concrete are actually the main materials that have been used and important in building construction. However, there are also mortars that have been part of the construction process. Keep reading to know more about drymix mortar or mortar.

Everything About Mortar That You Have To Know

shows how to mix mortar

What is mortar?

Mortar is actually a mixture that is based from water, sand and also cement that are frequently used to glue the bricks together. Crucial things that you have to know about the mixture is, the mixture will consist of more water than the mortar. 

Are there any differences between the mortar and the concrete?

Practically, the mortar and the cement may looks just like the same thing, but somehow, it does have a slight differences in both, which are:

  • Mortar and concrete have their own essential and crucial roles in construction progress, both of them are needed and couldn’t replace each other.
  • Mortar would be a little bit in a thicker texture, meanwhile, concrete after the mixture process will be thinner.
  • Compared to mortar, concrete in a way is more stronger and durable because of the little amount of water that is needed in concrete making it difficult to use as a bonding element.

All the types and functions of mortar

Apparently, there are several types of mortar that you can actually find in construction areas or throughout the process, which is crucial for you to know so that you can differentiate the functions. Which are consist of:

  • Cement mortar:

This type of mortar is using cement as the material bindings along with the sand that is being used as a fine combination. 

  • Gauged mortar:

This type of mortar can be seen to be using both lime; fat lime or hydraulic lima as binding material and sand is used as the fine combination.

  • Mud mortar:

This type of mortar has been using mud as the binding material along with the sawdust, rice husk or cow-dung as the combination. This type of mortar can be used to replace lime and cement.

  • Lime mortar:

This type of mortar is basically using the also lime such as fat lime or hydraulic lime. It is currently using it as binding material along with sand as the fine combination.

  • Surki mortar:

This last type of mortar is the most economical mortar where it is only using lime as the binding material and surki itself as the fine combination. 

As you have read to this last point, I’m pretty sure you have at least acknowledged and learned a bit about how this mortar works in building constructions. You would absolutely be able to get your high quality drymix mortar here.

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